Tips for keeping your swimming pool clean

If you reside in Brisbane, Australia then you are more than likely going to be having a swimming pool within your housing premises. Owning one also involves frequent maintenance in order to maintain hygiene when you decide to go for a swim. Here are a few pointers to help you in maintaining it.

Equip yourself with the necessary equipment

Cleaning a pool of debris usually involves that you have a brush for cleaning the sides, steps and bottom of it, a leaf skimmer to remove any leaves and other floating debris that may contaminate your pool. Most importantly though, you will need to purchase a long telescopic pole, which usually is compatible with most cleaning equipment. This telescopic pole would allow you to reach a large surface area of the pool walls without you having to physically get inside it. These tools are usually found in most supermarkets and convenience stores around Brisbane.

Ensure proper chlorination

Chlorinating your swimming pool is of extreme importance in order to maintain proper hygiene and prevent the pool from getting contaminated by germs. Rather than manually chlorinating your pool, you can purchase a good pool chlorinator Brisbane has available, to automatically chlorinate your pool at particular time intervals. This would ensure the right amount of chlorine is added to it based on the water quality. Swimming pool chlorinators usually use salt water chlorinators which composes of a chlorine generator that uses electrolysis to produce sanitizing agents to help clean your pool.

Install a filter

Another factor that may contaminate your pool is sand and other large debris that may enter through the water pipes. In order to minimise the water from being contaminated with these particles, invest in an effective pool filter Brisbane has available in stores and supermarkets. The pool filter effectively prevents large sediments like sand from entering the pool through the water inlets thereby further improving the cleanliness of the water.

Purchase a pool vacuum

A pool vacuum is another important cleaning tool that you may need in order to effectively keep your floor clean. Using a brush alone to clean the floor may not be as convenient as cleaning the sides of the pool, due to the depth of the pool. The vacuum tends to operate underwater and is usually automatic in operation. It comes with a long hose that extends out of the pool to ensure that the dirt is not distributed back into the pool and the vacuum is installed through the filtration system.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your pool is kept clean at all times and that you spend more time swimming rather than having to clean it.

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